Be a Voice to Me Project (2019)


I am about to be forced into marriage. I am too young for marriage. The person I will marry says he loves me, my family says he will take good care of me. I want to continue my school like my peers, I want to be able to make my own decisions for my life on my own feet. But I can’t make a voice. You can understand that there is something wrong in my life from my face, eyes, behaviors, changes in habits. You can see me at school, in the classroom, in the courthouse, in the hospital, on the street, and maybe at my wedding. You can change my life with one decision.

Be a voice to me, be an eye, be a hand. You can understand me best. “

With the collaboration of Uçan Süpürge Foundation and Sivil Düşün, Video screenings and presentations were made to university students in the fight against Early and Forced Marriages, especially those who study in departments such as education, medicine and law who would be more likely to encounter victims of this situation in their professional life.

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