“Women’s Cinema” Project (2020)

With the EU Sivil Düşün Fund, “The Things That Bind Us Fund” started running a program named “Women’s Cinema” on our YouTube Channel.

With this project, it is planned to achieve the following objectives:

  • To reach women in cinema and television, women who are still students in this field or who are considering a career in this field,
  • Making the work of women behind the scenes visible,
  • To develop solidarity between women filmmakers,
  • Creating a representation space for women students in the field of cinema and communication, young female filmmakers, increasing their visibility,
  • To create an environment for new perspectives in the field of cinema-television.,

12 different programs to be prepared will be broadcast weekly on the Flying Broom Foundation’s YouTube channel under the moderation of Fatma Edemen.

The first guest of the Women’s Cinema Program was animation director Nurbanu Asena 

Our second guest of the Women’s Cinema Program was director Çağla Zencirci.

Our third guest of the Women’s Cinema Program was an actress and voice actor Şenay Gürler.

Our fourth guest of the Women’s Cinema Program was director Ayten Başer 

*This publication has been produced with the support of the European Union within the scope of the European Union Sivil Düşün Program. The responsibility for the content belongs entirely to the Flying Broom Foundation and does not reflect the views of the EU.

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