Be a Voice to Me Project (2019)


I am about to be forced into marriage. I am too young for marriage. The person I will marry says he loves me, my family says he will take good care of me. I want to continue my school like my peers, I want to be able to make my own decisions for my life on my own feet. But I can’t make a voice. You can understand that

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Women’s Traces in Democracy (2009 – 2011)

Flying Broom, which was established in Ankara, has implemented this project in order to strengthen women’s relations with public institutions, especially with the Turkish Grand National Assembly. As in the “First Step” project of Flying Broom, the stakeholder of this project was YASA-DER. Flying Broom, working with the Legislative Experts Association, also published and distributed the booklet of the Women’s Traces in Democracy project to be distributed to women’s non-governmental

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Flying Broom hosted First World March of Women Ankara International Committee Meeting

Following the World March of Women Europe Coordination Meeting  that took place at Geneva on 29-30 September 2019, our foundation hosted the first Ankara International Committee Meeting on 16-21 October 2019.

The European Coordinator of the March Marianna fernandes met with university student women on 15 October 2019 at Flying Broom Foundation and searched for answers with them for the following questions:

  • What is the World March of Women? What

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We Met “What’s Next” Volunteers

We happily announce that we completed the orientation meeting with our volunteers participating in the “What’s Next” volunteering program, following the compilation of applications to the programme. 

  • Meeting
  • Presentation of the roadmap
  • Presentation on Past and Present of Women’s Movement and Foundation
  • Meeting of subfields

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“What is NOT Feminism” Workshop carried out in association with TOBB University Women Entrepreneurs Council

The workshop took place at 01.07.2020, guided by psychological counselor Cemre Öztoprak. Following topics were introduced, discussed and examined:

  • What is feminism?
  • The origin of feminism
  • Feminist principles
  • Contributions of feminism
  • Myths and prejudices about feminism
  • What is not feminism?
  • Why do people beware or reject the label “feminist”?
  • Feminism as a way of life
  • Teaching feminism to kids

Below you can find the YouTube link of the workshop:

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Online Dating Violence Workshop carried out in association with TOBB University Women Entrepreneurs Council

Dating Violence Workshop, organized with TOBB University Women Entrepreneurs Council, took place as two different sessions. 

Session 1: What is dating violence?

In this first session, carried out with social worker Çağla Harputlu, the focus was on the definition of dating violence; types of dating violence; and safe relationship.

Session 2: Why do people appeal to dating violence?

The second session of the workshop was carried out with psychological counselor

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