Child Brides Project Fieldwork (2005-2006)

Flying Broom is the first women’s NGO that started conducting studies about early and child marriages. Accordingly, it has tried to determine the data on this subject in the field, especially with the field and survey studies carried out in the provinces of Central Anatolia between 2005-2006. Flying Broom’s roadmap about early and child marriages, which is a core problem undercovered through the 2003 – 2005 “We Build Bridges” project

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From Trails to Roads (2005 – 2006)

Flying Broom provided training in “Project Writing Education” and “Communication and Conflict Resolution” within the scope of “Civil Society Development Program” to women’s organizations in seven different provinces that are chosen from seven different regions in Turkey. In this project, Flying Broom has chosen 7 local women’s organizations as its stakeholders. In this context, Flying Broom reached nearly 200 women’s organizations and supported them in terms of developing the capacities

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Short Movie “Beni Geri Çağır Hayat (I Wish…)” Child Brides Movie (2014)

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Brussels Child Brides Meeting (2011)

With the invitation of some local authorities and women NGOs, Flying Broom visited Brussels and explained their works on early and forced marriages in Turkey.

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Women’s Traces in Democracy (2009 – 2011)

Flying Broom, which was established in Ankara, has implemented this project in order to strengthen women’s relations with public institutions, especially with the Turkish Grand National Assembly. As in the “First Step” project of Flying Broom, the stakeholder of this project was YASA-DER. Flying Broom, working with the Legislative Experts Association, also published and distributed the booklet of the Women’s Traces in Democracy project to be distributed to women’s non-governmental

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11th October International Day of the Girl Child celebration in partnership with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

We met with children and their parents on 11th October International Day of the Girl Child with the support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Dr. Ayşe Şule Çağlar contributed to the celebration with her presentation marking the meaning and importance of the day and with her own song  “Eşim de yoktur; benzerim de benim” emphasizing the uniqueness and importance of children. 

We organized many workshops specifically designed for children; and as

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“Women’s Films Days” Event in partnership with Mülkiyeliler Birliği

Seven different movies were screened at Mülkiyeliler Kültür Merkezi within the scope of this event.


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Vodafone 41st Istanbul Marathon

As Flying Broom Foundation, we ran in the 41st Istanbul Marathon for awareness, awakening and advocacy with the “Stop Child Marriage” slogan.

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Flying Broom hosted First World March of Women Ankara International Committee Meeting

Following the World March of Women Europe Coordination Meeting  that took place at Geneva on 29-30 September 2019, our foundation hosted the first Ankara International Committee Meeting on 16-21 October 2019.

The European Coordinator of the March Marianna fernandes met with university student women on 15 October 2019 at Flying Broom Foundation and searched for answers with them for the following questions:

  • What is the World March of Women? What

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Forums on “Local Governments” in partnership with METU Alumni Association

Three forums were organized at ODTU Vişnelik Tesisleri:

  1. Women’s Demand When Approaching to Local Elections
  2. What They didn’t Tell About the Election Propaganda
  3. Alternative Media and Local Elections


Women’s expectations and needs were examined and taken into account from an academic point of view in these meetings. Ayşe Füsun Gönül took the moderator role. Funda Şenol Cantek led the first forum, Eser Köker led the second; and Özlem Akarsu

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