Be a Voice to Me Project (2019)


I am about to be forced into marriage. I am too young for marriage. The person I will marry says he loves me, my family says he will take good care of me. I want to continue my school like my peers, I want to be able to make my own decisions for my life on my own feet. But I can’t make a voice. You can understand that

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Honey Bees Becoming Engineers Project (2015)

The project initiated by Flying Broom with Ford aimed to bring more women to the industrial sector and in this way aims to ensure that women are active in different sectors by getting out of the stereotyped gender roles that have come to this day. In this context, awareness trainings on gender equality were given to engineers working at Ford factories and young women studying at vocational high schools were

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First Step Project (2006)

Flying Broom, as a non-governmental organization established in Ankara, has also undertaken the mission of providing cooperation between women’s organizations and public institutions as an organization that is at the center of the policy. It brought women’s organizations and public institution representatives together in more than 20 provinces in order to eliminate the problems faced by women’s organizations -especially the ones due to the lack of dialogue with the public-

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Local Correspondents Project (2001-2002)

One of the most important needs of women was an independent communication network, claimed Flying Broom, right after the launch of its own website in 2000. Flying Broom reached women in different provinces of Turkey and brought them with its local partners. The project has begun in 13 provinces, then spread to many provinces of Turkey. Women with no journalistic experience used Flying Broom’s website as a medium to bring

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From Trails to Roads (2005 – 2006)

Flying Broom provided training in “Project Writing Education” and “Communication and Conflict Resolution” within the scope of “Civil Society Development Program” to women’s organizations in seven different provinces that are chosen from seven different regions in Turkey. In this project, Flying Broom has chosen 7 local women’s organizations as its stakeholders. In this context, Flying Broom reached nearly 200 women’s organizations and supported them in terms of developing the capacities

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Women’s Traces in Democracy (2009 – 2011)

Flying Broom, which was established in Ankara, has implemented this project in order to strengthen women’s relations with public institutions, especially with the Turkish Grand National Assembly. As in the “First Step” project of Flying Broom, the stakeholder of this project was YASA-DER. Flying Broom, working with the Legislative Experts Association, also published and distributed the booklet of the Women’s Traces in Democracy project to be distributed to women’s non-governmental

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We Met “What’s Next” Volunteers

We happily announce that we completed the orientation meeting with our volunteers participating in the “What’s Next” volunteering program, following the compilation of applications to the programme. 

  • Meeting
  • Presentation of the roadmap
  • Presentation on Past and Present of Women’s Movement and Foundation
  • Meeting of subfields

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