“Who Designs Domestic Labor?” Hackathon Begins!

Housework such as cleaning, cooking, washing up, ironing, which should be basic life skills, are mostly attributed to women with the influence of stereotyped gender roles. This situation is expressed as the invisible domestic emotional labor of women.

In the quarantine process that has been going on since the beginning of the pandemic, including mainly working women, women’s emotional labor and burnout have increased gradually because the increasing responsibilities of the home have pushed professional life into the background. While academic women could not find time to produce articles, cooking of female students has become more important than online classes they have to take.

In order to prevent these constantly reproduced roles with an innovative perspective and to draw attention to this problem, the Flying Broom Foundation is organizing the “Who Designs Domestic Labor?” Hackathon!

* This hackathon is organized with the contributions of the Canadian Embassy.

How many people will be involved in the hackathon?

Hackathon will include a total of 30 people. Designs by 10 groups of 3 people will be prepared and they will be evaluated by the jury.

How can I apply?

You can apply individually or with your own group. Groups consist of three people. If you are going to apply with your own group, it is sufficient for a person representing your group to apply.

Two separate application forms have been prepared as individual and group:

Click for Individual Application Form.

Click for Group Application Form.

The deadline is 2nd February 2021!

How can I be included in a group when I make an individual application?

The identification of the groups will be facilitated through the orientation activities organized by the Hackathon team.

How will my application be evaluated?

The main criteria to be addressed in the evaluation process are as follows:

  • Being in the age range of 18-24
  • Having a basic level of gender awareness
  • Parallel gender distribution
  • Regional distribution

In addition, your answers to the application form will be important in determining your participation status. Therefore, please prepare your answers carefully.