Shadow Council – Keep An Eye On Politics (2014)

Thanks to the “Shadow Council” project, women will not have to comply with the services that are deemed appropriate for them; they will actively determine their agenda. As a requirement of democracy, The Flying Broom is launching a “Shadow Council” project to empower women’s participation in local politics.

Women from various provinces of Turkey and experts from Bulgaria, France, Sweden, and Germany met in Ankara for the conference of the project.

The Shadow Council is a project that follows the working mechanism of the municipal councils with an average of 10 volunteer female members.

Successfully implemented in some countries, The Shadow Council project moved to Ankara by the Flying Broom. The Shadow Councils follow the agenda of the municipal councils of the province or district where they are located and work to include the demands and needs of women on this agenda. Women are in close contact with women’s organizations, opinion leaders in the region and representatives of public institutions, thus trying to influence women in their region and encourage their participation in politics.

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