Be a Voice to Me Project (2019)


I am about to be forced into marriage. I am too young for marriage. The person I will marry says he loves me, my family says he will take good care of me. I want to continue my school like my peers, I want to be able to make my own decisions for my life on my own feet. But I can’t make a voice. You can understand that

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Honey Bees Becoming Engineers Project (2015)

The project initiated by Flying Broom with Ford aimed to bring more women to the industrial sector and in this way aims to ensure that women are active in different sectors by getting out of the stereotyped gender roles that have come to this day. In this context, awareness trainings on gender equality were given to engineers working at Ford factories and young women studying at vocational high schools were

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First Step Project (2006)

Flying Broom, as a non-governmental organization established in Ankara, has also undertaken the mission of providing cooperation between women’s organizations and public institutions as an organization that is at the center of the policy. It brought women’s organizations and public institution representatives together in more than 20 provinces in order to eliminate the problems faced by women’s organizations -especially the ones due to the lack of dialogue with the public-

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Radio Project – “Women 2004” Radio Program (2004 – 2005)

Flying Broom, within the scope of the Democracy and Human Rights project program of the European Union, launched a radio program that continued in 2004 and 2005 and covered many topics related to gender equality. In cooperation with TRT Radio, the programs made with the experts of the subject within the framework of sub-headings concerning the issue of women broadcast on TRT-3 radio for 2 hours a week, were deciphered

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Local Correspondents Project (2001-2002)

One of the most important needs of women was an independent communication network, claimed Flying Broom, right after the launch of its own website in 2000. Flying Broom reached women in different provinces of Turkey and brought them with its local partners. The project has begun in 13 provinces, then spread to many provinces of Turkey. Women with no journalistic experience used Flying Broom’s website as a medium to bring

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“Kavşak” Broadcasting Project (2007)

Flying Broom has implemented this project within the scope of the European Union’s local culture protection program. Accordingly, many short TV spots in 10 different languages and dialects spoken in Turkey, such as Kurmanji and Zazaki, in 8 separate categories – such as health – that are associated with women’s issues and education were broadcasted on TRT. Through these programs, efforts were made to reach women who could not solve

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Script Competition (2007)

The subject of the script contest of the film festival was determined as “Marriage or Play House.” In this context, in 2008, these scenarios were shot as two short films within the scope of the EU Civil Society Dialogue: Culture Movement program: “Beni Geri Çağır Hayat”, “Nefes Al, Alma, Nefes Al”. In 2010-2011, these two films were shown in 54 provinces with the support of the Sabancı Foundation.


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Nivea Awareness Meetings (2006)

Flying Broom, in collaboration with Nivea, met with women in 7 cities and held awareness meetings under the title of “Women’s Solidarity and Motivation”. Psychologist Feride Yıldırım Güneri also listened to women’s problems in these interviews.

In the solidarity and motivation among women seminars, the problems that women face just because they are women were discussed in several provinces of Turkey.


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